I believe empathy is at the heart of good design, good communication, and team spirit. Empathy makes it easier to understand the user's needs. It enables me to receive criticism and feedback, looking at my work from a different point of view. It also helps me appreciate how different team members from various backgrounds value different things, and may have different priorities.

It's all about putting yourself in other pairs of shoes.

Hello! I'm Sujatha, a user experience designer, whose work has spanned:
Entertainment interfaces - like  educational museum video games, immersive experiences
User interfaces - for web, desktop, or collaboration
Brand design - Identity and marketing materials

I love observing people at their activities, spotting what can be improved and designing solutions. That is why I studied Human Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech.
My expertise is in doing qualitative research and translating the findings into design and strategy. I have worked as designer, researcher, producer, programmer, and artist. I passionately seek many creative hobbies such as digital music composition, instruction design, art and sculpture.

Exposure to a variety of disciplines makes me someone who can spot problem patterns and mix and match design solutions. It also makes me an empathic person who loves to work in teams.

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Sujatha "Sue" Krishnamoorthy